Evidence Based Coaching - 2nd Face to Face

Friday, September 11, 2020
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Face-to-Face West Coast
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Evidence Based Coaching Face-to-Face Session - ODL 655/656

This face to face session is required for Evidence Based Coaching (EBC) students in their final term of the EBC curriculum
ODL-655 Final Skills Training, 0 semester credits
This session includes the final four days of required face-to-face skills training and 3 observed coach training sessions, training in ethics, and advanced coaching techniques. Participant portfolios are collected at this training as a requirement for graduation. This course equates as 32 coach training hours from ICF.
Pre-requisites: ODL-632A, ODL-632B, ODL-633A, ODL-633B, ODL-650A, ODL-650B, ODL-654
CCEUs: 32
ODL-656 Final Coaching Exam, 0 semester credits
Each participant must demonstrate coaching capability by coaching a fellow participant for 30 minutes. Coaching engagement is observed and graded by an Evidence Based Coaching faculty member.
Pre-requisites: ODL-632A, ODL-632B, ODL-633A, ODL-633B, ODL-650A, ODL-650B, ODL-654
Meeting Location: Hyatt Centric in Santa Barbara, CA. 
 Graduation will be on Sunday, September 13.
For EBC program information contact: Program Manager at programmanager@fielding.edu.
For session registration information contact: Sessions at sessions@fielding.edu.
For hotel and travel information contact: Debbie Lemke at djlemke@fielding.edu.
Please email your graduate program advisor at advisors@fielding.edu if you need assistance in determining when you should be attending your required face-to-face sessions.

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